The Third Bear

Just Right.


Jacqueline Arasi primarily does software project management, business analysis, and requirements gathering & discovery. She began working in software and open source communities in 2004, but first fell in love with the web over dialup in 1995 and computers in her 2nd grade programming class.  Besides reading and gardening, she is happiest when helping people solve problems or get things done with the support of technology, but knows that even great tech won’t fix broken process and that getting things right means figuring out what is really needed before you start building.  She has a BA from Stanford and a Business Analysis certification from SUNY Stony Brook.

Ethan Jucovy has been a professional web developer since 2006. Before that, he played with robots at Swarthmore while getting a degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. His first job came with five mentors who taught him how to grep his way to understanding in a codebase, how to build a business over time with great people, and how to not be a jerk in an open source community. Ethan also spent time working at Columbia University’s Center for New Media Teaching and Learning before moving to a role as Lead Technical Architect of a prominent online organizing PAC.

Ethan and Jackie have been working together since 2006 when Ethan joined the software team Jackie managed at The Open Planning Project (AKA OpenPlans) to build open source community organizing software. Though they left the organization back in 2009, Ethan still maintains the site they developed.  They’ve done consulting since then both independently and together, and they’ve decided to formalize their collaboration into The Third Bear.

If you need to reach one of them, you’ll usually have success if you try the other. They are life-and-work partners living in the Hudson Valley, planning to start raising some chickens and bees soon.