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Skipping host confirmation or event approval during uploads

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When bulk uploading ActionKit events in a campaign that normally requires approval and/or confirmation, you may want to automatically approve all the events you just uploaded, or even skip the step where hosts need to confirm via email.

You can do this with some undocumented extra columns in your upload:

  • event_is_approved: set this to "1" (or any nonblank value) to automatically approve an event during upload.

  • event_host_is_confirmed: set this to "1" (or any nonblank value) to automatically confirm the event without the host needing to take action.

You can do this for all the events in your upload, or you can do it selectively for just certain events.  Leaving those cells blank for other rows will still force the usual manual host confirmation and/or staff approval.

If you're going to use these features (unless you're suppressing the after-action emails at the same time with a skip_confirmation column) you'll probably want to also make sure your event host page's after-action email is set up to check {% if action.event.host_is_confirmed %} before printing out the instructions about confirming the event.  (Or you can set up a second event host page, with an entirely different after-action email, that's used only for imports.)