The Third Bear

Just Right.

Our Clients

We've worked on a wide variety of projects for leading small businesses, social benefit organizations, and entrepreneurs. Talk to us if you:

  • Have a website that doesn’t work on mobile phones and tablets, or just needs an overhaul

  • Are lumbering under an old content management system, customer relationship management system, or software application

  • Have a major pain point or redundancy in your technology stack that eats up valuable staff time on frustrating or duplicative work, or doesn't let you do what you want in your current setup

  • Have an idea for an application or product but don’t know what is involved or what level of complexity would be required

  • Have a number of separate systems and want to see the big picture across platforms and streamline administration

  • Are a new ActionKit client, or need to move beyond the built-in features with custom templatesets, management systems, or advanced reporting

  • Have an upcoming event or major project you hope to better support with smart technology

  • Have a bunch of small hassles or questions and no one reliable to ask

  • Are interested in using open source but aren't sure if it’s right for your business or how to find reliable products

Work samples and references are available upon request.