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Integrating Trac and Gitolite: Using Postgres — by egj in trac , gitolite , sysadmin

Now that the basics are set up and confirmed working, let's create a new Trac environment using postgres instead of sqlite.

You should already have the necessary system packages (python-dev, postgres and libpq-dev) installed.

Getting Permissions Right, Part 2: The Postgres Database

We need to create a …

Integrating Trac and Gitolite: Round One — by egj in trac , gitolite , sysadmin

We're now going to set up the core integration between Trac and Gitolite, including:

  • Gitolite post-receive hooks to notify Trac of new commits
  • Trac components to update or close tickets when commit messages like "Fixes #1" are pushed to the git server
  • Trac Repository Browser for git repositories

Trac and Gitolite: System Setup — by egj in trac , gitolite , sysadmin

First we install some packages:

Installing and Integrating Trac and Gitolite — by egj in trac , gitolite , sysadmin

In a series of posts I'll detail how I install Trac and Gitolite using:

  • Trac 1.0
  • Gitolite v3
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Python 2.7.3
  • Postgres 9.1 for Trac's database
  • Apache 2.2.22 (Ubuntu) with mod_wsgi 3.3

The resulting system will have Trac running at `` and Git repositories available to clone f…

Managing Gitolite through Trac's web admin — by egj in trac , opensource , gitolite

I've released a new BSD-licensed Trac plugin, GitolitePlugin.  This plugin provides two-way integration between Trac and Gitolite.  A permission policy causes Trac's Repository Browser to respect repository "read" permissions as specified in your Gitolite configuration, and three new admin panels al…