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Stateful (on/off) hallo.js plugins for Wagtail — by egj in wagtail

Jeffrey Hearn and Joss Ingram have published examples of using Wagtail’s hooks system to register custom hallo.js plugins for additional WYSIWYG features.  Using their examples I was able to quickly wire up some plugins that I needed for a Wagtail project, including:

  • Indent and outdent buttons, for n…

Managing Wagtail redirects as pages — by egj in wagtail

(9/26/2014) UPDATE: Alejandro Varas has published an extended version of this, which is able to redirect to an external URL or a hosted Document in addition to internal pages.  He also added the panel definition that my code was missing.

Letting editors choose a template for a Wagtail page — by egj in wagtail

Each wagtail Page class has a “template” attribute which tells the system what template (as a string identifier) should be loaded when rendering instances of that Page.  As Serafeim Papastefanos writes in his Wagtail tutorial: